Cute Ways to Ask Someone to Formal

As winter formal approaches, it is time to think about snagging dates for the dance. Winter formal at Mills is Sadie Hawkins, meaning that girls are responsible for asking their dates. If you are a young lady with your eye on someone, but are apprehensive about actually asking, we have compiled a list of option for you so as to reduce your stress. You will have no trouble gaining a date with these smooth moves!

1.     Send a rose to your possible formal date’s class each period and attach a word or letter to each one. By the end of the day, you can spell out: “Will you go to formal with me?”
2.     There’s nothing like using food to get your message across. Here are some creative ways to use food to get yourself a date to formal:

  • Write your request on a piece of paper, and then put it in your prospective date’s sandwich, taco, or wrap.
  • Order personalized M&Ms in his or her favorite colors.
  • Make cupcakes with “Formal?” in icing on top.
  • Personalize fortune cookies-the fortune will contain your request.

3.     This is the perfect opportunity for you and five other girls to be gymnasts. Using your bodies, bend into the word “formal” in a public place where the guy or girl you’ve been eyeing is sure to be.
4.     Organize a scavenger hunt, making each clue lead to a different person. The last clue will lead to you, and you can pop the question (no, not that one!).
5.     For a decidedly academic approach, spell out your request on a graphing calculator.
6.     Play hangman with your special someone. Spell: “Sadie’s?”
7.     Drive a remote control car onto your could-be date’s desk. Either paint the car or affix a sign asking if he or she will go to formal with you.
8.     Using car paint, create a work of art that will entice the object of your affections. Paint a scene depicting the two of you on his or her windshield. Make sure it contains a certain question!
9.     Inflate a bunch of balloons after placing little strips of paper with your question inside of them. Give them to your possible date and make sure he or she pops them to find the message!
10.   Last but not least, Facebook is an excellent medium for winning your prospective date’s hart. Try organizing a group of friends who will update their statuses to drop hints about the request that is about to be asked of your guy or girl, but not from whom the question is coming. After the suspense is killing him or her, reveal yourself (through a status update, of course)!

Best of luck!


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