Gambling Amongst the Mills Faculty?


Rumors of teacher betting pools have circulated Mills for ages. But in a recent turn of events, it appears that these rumors have been confirmed.

Since about 2014, teachers have been running a top secret betting pool in the teacher’s lounge, guessing on which seniors will graduate. In the beginning, it started out as a couple of small wages. But after years in the making, the bets have gotten out of hand.

To put it frankly, there may be upwards of  $120,000 of cold hard cash currently sitting in the Mills faculty lounge.

Obviously, this may come as quite the shock to Mills students. However, Mills teachers have justified their actions, explaining how much money they truly make from the bets.

History teacher Ms. Dove commented, “One of the perks about working at Mills is this betting pool. I mean, I can honestly say that about half my income over the years has come from these bets. It’s something else.”

Other teachers explained that the money is all cash, and how it sits in brown cloth bags in a small cabinet nearest the refrigerator labeled, DO NOT OPEN UNTIL JUNE. Apparently, the bets themselves are made on the large white board in the faculty lounge, strewn with students’ names and dollar signs.

On learning of this ordeal, the Mills students have expressed mixed reactions.

One student, senior Henry Gerharz, was disappointed to hear that he had only thirty-seven cents betted in favor of his graduation. He argued that it may be unfair for teachers to make wages dependent on their students’ successes.

Yet on the other side, students like Klytie Xu have expressed their support of the games. “Teachers are allowed to have their own lives. What they do on their own is none of our business,” she explained. Xu would also like to add that she has a whopping $20,000 in favor of her graduation.

The main concern that has arisen, however, is favoritism amongst the senior teachers in favor of certain students graduating. Students claim that teachers could manipulate their grades, just to win these bets.

Luckily, Ms. Dove affirms, “It’s really just all fun and games. No teacher would ever hinder a student’s academic success.”

Either way, it looks like these graduation bets have quickly gained notoriety, as Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas just announced that they will be adding a Graduation Betting Pool next year, in hope to turn just as much profit.


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