A #Phresh Look at the Mills Cafeteria

pasta with meatballs and parsley with tomato saucepasta with meatballs and parsley with tomato sauce

When one thinks of fine dining establishments, names like Eleven Madison Park, The French Laundry, and Dave n’ Busters spring to mind. But have you ever thought about our very own cafeteria? People easily stereotype school cafeteria food to be bland and more like cardboard than sustenance. But underneath the canned ham, undercooked pasta, and wood glue cheese there lies true culinary genius.

For the amazing price of $4.50, you are presented with a range of tapas sized meals with lovely cultural diversity. From Oaxaca we have nachos, from Italy we have balls and saucy strands, and from Canada we have three types of meat hockey pucks. How can anyone forget the burger bar? Where the finest day old Super Bowl tailgate burgers are made to order with utmost delicacy by the hands of our peers. It is the platonic ideal of our great country: unique imitations of cultural food prepared by oppositely diverse students and staff. Beautiful.

Not only as an artistic statement, the cafeteria is truly a postmodern masterpiece.The air is stale and cramped like the pizza they serve, the narrow space represents our career pathways, and the décor and signage is somewhere between pre-recession American shopping malls and Costco, an homage to where we will all be one day once we leave this educational establishment.

Grab a chicken sandwich and a chocolate milk drink, make it for two, and write a five star review for the Mills cafeteria.


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