Relocating Peninsula High School Delays Teacher Housing Project


After gaining attention over the past few months, plans to build an employee housing development on the Mills campus are being delayed in effort to relocate Peninsula High School.

To fund the housing project, the district must sell its Crestmoor facility–about forty acres of sporting fields, rocky land, and also the location of Peninsula High School. The Crestmoor land will sell for about seventy million dollars, which could then be put towards constructing the apartment building on the Mills campus.

However, before any housing is developed at Mills, a new site must be found for Peninsula High School. This alternative high school is currently home to more than 200 students, all of which will need to be relocated with the facility.

In a recent update released by Superintendent Skelly, he writes “We are having a very hard time finding a 1-3 acre site in the center of the district to build a facility for these students.”

At a meeting with the Mills Leadership class earlier in the year, Superintendent Skelly made it clear that the relocated Peninsula High would not follow the typical high school layout. In fact, he explained that it would lack both sporting facilities and a cafeteria. However, as it is an alternative high school, Penn students would be encouraged to pursue working opportunities after school. As of now, the high school’s location is less than adequate for pursuing these opportunities. The Crestmoor location is not only in a less industrial area of San Bruno, but it is also on a steep hill.

For these reasons, the district hopes to find a location closer to a downtown, such as the Burlingame area. That way, students could easily work after their classes.

Most importantly, this delay does not mean that the employee housing development will not be built. As of now, the plans remain in action. The housing will be constructed, most likely still on the Mills campus. However, this road bump does mean that the timeline of the construction has been pushed back a little longer.

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