Student Pet Spotlight

By Andrea Haro, Media Cordinator and Aiden Neely, Staff Writer

Dogs and cats have been some of the most popular pets in America for hundreds of years, so it is easy to forget what other, equally cool and sweet pets there are and what they have to offer. Let’s take a look at a few people on campus who are mixing it up when it comes to petkeeping.

Freshman Cameron Li enjoys keeping different kinds of fish. The fish he has had the longest is a “True Siamese Algae Eater”, which he has kept for five years. The Algae Eater enjoys sitting in his favorite spot, allowing the three more active fish to swim about his ten-gallon tank. Cameron says he only spent thirty dollars on a ten-gallon tank starter set, comparatively cheap to the thousands spent on dogs and cats. Cameron has to clean the tank twice a month and feed the fish a variety of bloodworms and fish flakes every day. He says, “I love these fish because I’ve had them so long.”

Photo; Cameron Li

Freshman Laura Louie has had a parrot named Noeta for three years. Although Noeta does not do tricks, she is willing to perch on people’s hands and give them a little love peck. Noeta was donated to Laura’s family by a hospital patient with cancer. Laura cleans the parrot’s cage and changes Noeta’s food every two to three weeks. Laura reflects, “One time my parrot hid behind the piano. We were so worried.” In the end, they found the parrot, and all was well.

Photo; Laura Louie

Sophomore Flor Ruiz is the proud owner of two bunnies, Chip and Leafy. She has had her bunnies for about three years now and says that they are really easy to take care of because they do not need to go on walks. Flor states, “I feed them twice a day, clean their cages and they are happy.” The only task Flor finds challenging about taking care of bunnies is cleaning their cages. To Flor, her bunnies have been very helpful because she has been through a lot since she got them and playing with them has become a way to help her cope. She describes Chip and Leafy as “very cute, sweet and playful.”

Photo; Flor Ruiz

Senior Anisa Del Negro owns a seven-year-old pet snake named Theo. Anisa says she has cared for the snake for five years, feeding it a couple mice once a month and cleaning her cage when needed. She says she often has to keep a close eye on her, due to Theo’s mischievous nature. Anisa says before she had Theo, she was terrified of snakes.

Photo; Anisa Del Negro

Mills students keep a variety of pets from parrots to snakes that you may not have heard of, so make sure to ask these students about their unique pets if you see them around campus!

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