The Daring Game of Truth or Dare

By: Emily Leung

You may know the daring game of truth or dare, which you have probably played at some  point in your life. Have you ever imagined how it would be like if the game played you instead? In this game that questions how well you know your friends, it forces you to take deadly risks. In the movie, Truth or Dare, it shows what can happen to you when the game of truth or dare threatens your life. This movie depicts a game that gambles with friends, which similar to the domino effect, ruins each’s friendship as the game proceeds. The director of Truth or Dare is Jeff Wadlow from the Blumhouse Production, known for showcasing horror movies. Other films that have come from this production company are Happy Death Day, Get Out, Split, etc.

Truth or Dare is about a group of friends that went on a trip to Mexico who were  dragged into a real life game of truth or dare. The game became a haunting reality, where death was brought upon those who did not play or follow the rules. Slowly, as more players died, the remaining few found a way to end the game. However, they were stopped by the demon who possessed the game, Calux, because he did not want the game to end. As a result, the remaining two players had no choice but to spread the game in order to survive.

After thoughtfully reviewing Truth or Dare, there are some improvements that can be made to the movie to further the excitement of viewers. Because of the super-fast pace, yet confusing plot twists and the insane amount of jump scares, the movie did not exceed its  expectations. During the rising action, the story was confusing because every individual character in the movie was struggling with their own problems, while trying to find a solution to end the game. Every scene was just as intense as the other, which didn’t allow time to contemplate the actual story. In horror movies, there are often jumpscares, when it’s least expected. However, in Truth or Dare, it was the complete opposite. The jumpscares in the movie were predictable, making them neither scary nor effective at all, proving to be annoying and pointless.

Although it was a bit complicated, I could not seem to take my eyes away from the screen. The movie kept the viewers curious by stalling until the very end to reveal the resolution, where the aftermath is finally revealed. It was captivating from the beginning to end in how the movie would play out. As the movie furthered progressed, viewers were able to predict what was going to happen next.

There were two actresses who excelled in playing their roles, Lucy Hale and Violett Beane. The main character, Olivia, was played by former Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale. Hale eloquently expressed how Olivia felt throughout the movie, capturing the emotions of her character. Alongside Hale, Beane fully displayed the feeling of betrayal and hopelessness through her character, Markie Cameron.

Now, for the thrilling answer to the question: Would I recommend people to watch the movie? Well, it depends on several factors. For example, if you have a lot of free time to spare or want to watch a fun thriller, then you should absolutely watch it. I would totally recommend watching the movie if you are watching a horror movie for the first time. However, for those who are horror movie lovers, I would not recommend seeing this movie because it is not intense and can be a bit boring for those who enjoy more action. Truth or Dare is currently playing in theaters right now!

Photo Credit: Blumhouse Productions


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