Ice cream Review

With the summer coming up and temperatures already rising we need a new snack to cool us down. The Solution? Ice cream, the only problem is, there’s so many kinds. Let’s take a look at some of the tastiest brands.


Blue Bunny –

Blue Bunny has a mixture of different flavors, all offering varieties of tastes. I took on the task of trying two (certainly a grave challenge). I tasted Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate Fudge, both were delicious and super creamy. Each was topped with whipped cream that was soft and coated my mouth in a delightfully smooth texture. . My favorite part was how the peanut butter was frozen and the fact that there were actual chunks of peanut butter in the ice cream.

Talenti Peanut butter –

While a little more pricey, Talenti is always a great choice. Technically,  it’s Gelato, but regardless, it’s a great choice. Again, I went with Peanut butter, (what can I say, I like peanut butter), and it was well worth the extra few dollars. While not as creamy as Blue Bunny it was still just as good. It was a perfect balance between chocolate and peanut butter, creating a blissful experience for my tastebuds.


Breyers Reese’s –


What can I say? I can’t control myself, I had to have more peanut butter. I went out and bought myself a whole quart of Reese’s Pieces ice cream. Each bite I took had a Peanut Butter cup or Reeses Pieces in it. I wasn’t a huge fan of that though because it just felt like too much, maybe I was eating it too fast but it really did seem like there was a clash of flavors that didn’t fit together well.


Regardless of your flavor preferences ice cream is a perfect solution to the summer heat. Walk down to your local corner store and pick some up. And maybe bring me some too?

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