Coming Next Year: Bridging the Gap Club’s Freshman Mentorship Program

By: Amanda O’Dea, Entertainment Editor

High school can be tricky. With a plethora of clubs, sports, homework, and so much more, it can be difficult to adjust to it all—especially when you are just starting out. Each year, a new class of Freshmen students arrives at Mills, faced with an entirely new environment with entirely new challenges. At times, it can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to make such adjustments, to figure out how to fit into a new school with new teacher and new students and new classes. Luckily, Mills’ upperclassmen students are taking action to help out next year’s incoming Freshman class. Get ready Vikings, because next year, thanks to the hard work of Mills’ very own Bridging the Gap Club, a Freshman Mentorship Program is boarding the Viking Ship!

The program will pair each sophomore, junior, or senior student mentor with one to two freshmen students, with whom they will interact throughout the year. Whether it’s getting the run down on the best classes to take, helping decide which clubs to join, or just acting as a listening ear, the mentors will get to know their freshmen mentees on a deeper level. Essentially, the club is working to form greater bonds between the upper and lower classmen at Mills, trying to help connect the Freshmen newcomers to the more established Viking students. The upperclassmen will act as advisors, providing the younger students with insider information they may not otherwise receive.

Club President and current Mills junior Lydia Cheung started the Bridging the Gap Club up again this year. A member of the club her own freshman year, Cheung was disappointed when the club took a hiatus last year; now, she is ready to bring it back better than ever before.  

Cheung explains, “I remembered how much I enjoyed the club my freshmen year and I wanted to do something to help new Freshmen enjoy the same benefits of the club I did.”  

Mentors and freshmen mentees will meet sporadically throughout the school year, attending monthly meetings at lunch to catch up and check in. In addition to these lunchtime chats, mentors and mentees will also partake in more fun-oriented bonding activities. From movies to potlucks and game nights, the club is simply hoping for participants to have a good time. Really, the goal is that the mentors and the mentees will form lasting friendships, that they will be able to support one another as the year goes on. A little fun will help accomplish just this.

While Bridging the Gap is confident in the amount of freshmen students interested in joining the program, the club is still in need of sophomore, junior, and senior mentors. Anyone who is interested and will be a sophomore, junior, or senior next year should email or contact Lydia Cheung. Be sure to join; you will not only have loads of fun, but might even make a new friend!

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