2018 Senior Athletic Awards Night

By: Jessica Lin, Staff Writer

On May 22nd, Mills Athletic Boosters hosted the annual 2018 Senior Athletic Award Night. All seniors and family members were welcome to join in on the festivities. The night opened with the honoring of all seniors who attended, with each receiving their “10 seconds of fame” as they walked across the makeshift stage to Assistant Principal Gomez to accept their medal. Dinner opened with an appetizer of tortilla chips followed by the consumer’s choice from three types of pasta, Caesar salad, bread and butter, and perfectly ripe strawberries for desert. After dinner, Athletic Director Keller opened up speeches by presenting awards on behalf of the coaches that were not able to attend. Following Mr. Keller’s speech, coaches from fall, winter, and spring sports stood at the podium to shower praise on their team’s efforts before awarding the Hall of Fame plaque to the respective recipients. The ceremony closed with Mr. Keller and Mr. Gomez handing out special athletic plaques: Red and Gold (8 season completed), Golden Triathlete (12 seasons completed), and Athlete of the Year. Below is the full list of winners (who attended). Congratulations everyone, and to the Senior Athletes — thank you for all your tireless efforts and countless hours spent representing Mills! 

Photo Credits: Jessica Lin, The Thunderbolt


Sione Langi and Isabelle Rusli


Sione Langi – Football, Wrestling, Track and Field

Sandra Lawson – Waterpolo, Soccer, Track and Field

Johnny Sargbah – Football, Wrestling, Track and Field


Samantha Soo – Waterpolo, Soccer

Evan Wong – Basketball, Volleyball

Norana Kari – Spirit Squad

Michael Schultz – Football, Track and Field

Lisa Ichioka – Tennis, Soccer

Kaitlyn Hoo – Waterpolo, Swimming

Jadalyn Eagens – Waterpolo, Swimming


Isabelle Rusli – Badminton

Louie Chow – Badminton

Norana Kari – Spirit Squad

Sandra Lawson – Waterpolo

Austin Brown – Baseball

Sione Langi – Football

Marisa Tung – Golf

Tessa Chen and Shoh Mollenkamp – Cross Country

Nane Ikahihifo – Track and Field

Sione Langi – Track and Field

Favian Gonzalez – Soccer

Nicholas Brouqua  – Basketball

Kaela Stonebarger – Basketball

Pipiena Langi – Wrestling

Sione Langi – Wrestling

Eric Quach – Tennis

Iris Kim – Tennis

Kat Fong – Softball

Nicole Boie – Soccer

Wisely Wong – Volleyball

Matt Lee and Kaitlyn Hoo – Swimming

Jake Yee – Soccer


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