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Pushing School Start Time

At the San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) board meeting on Thursday, November 17, Superintendent Dr. Skelly led the discussion on postponing the start time of SMUHSD schools by half an hour for the next school year. For the 2017-2018 school year, the SMUHSD

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Mills Badminton Finishes With Another Successful Season

It is no secret that the Mills Badminton team is one of the best athletic organizations on campus. After all, they have made it to the Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) playoffs and have been League Champions the past two years with amazing records.. This year’s

First Film Festival Held at Mills

Contestants from all grades showcased their best films at the first ever Mills Film Festival held in the auditorium on Friday, April 28th. Students from the beginning and advanced Art of Video (AOV) classes submitted their videos to be shown at the festival for the

United: This Doesn’t Fly

By now, most of us have seen the viral video of a United passenger being forcefully removed off a flight from Chicago’s O’hare airport. The video went viral on social media and sparked conversation due to the police’s  overuse of violence and United’s subpar response

In Defense of Lollygagging: Using Your Summer Wisely

Here at Mills, we really love to stress ourselves out. Sure, that’s a generalization. But, it is also pretty darn true. During the school year, we juggle APs with sports with clubs and with jobs. When the summer comes, schoolwork is quickly replaced with internships,

Opinions: On the Travel Ban

As the adage goes, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it, and interestingly enough, the president’s executive orders seem to be a restitution of immigration bans that took place a century ago. Almost exactly one hundred years ago, on February

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Instant Gratification and Teens

As I write this article, every now and then I will get the urge to check my phone, switch tabs to check my email, or scroll through Instagram for a little bit. Part of the reason why I feel like changing tasks may be due

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Whispers From Around the World

Every single day, people make decisions that affect millions of people’s lives in both positive and negative ways. Just about halfway across the world, on February 13, North Korea test fired their first ballistic missile of 2017, called Pukguksong-2. The firing of this missile caused

Best Burgers in the Area

If there is any food that reflects the American lifestyle more perfect, it is the cheeseburger. Whether you’re a fan of a brioche bun laden, brie and truffle elk burgers, or you fancy a McDouble from time to time, we all enjoy the classic combination

Protesting Works

As we start to move deeper and deeper into this period of political tension, we are seeing a resurgence of popular action. Protests are nothing new in the US; they go back as early as the Boston Tea Party, to Occupy Wall Street in 2011,