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The Myth About Recycling at School

By: Hoatson Kwan, Staff Writer Addressing the Myth: “Reduce, reuse, recycle” has been a slogan preached since the beginning of childhood. Kids are taught to exercise this practice by teachers and parents alike in order to protect the environment. The common rule has always been

Time Management

  By Emily Leung Time management and a clear mindset are important skillsets to have a successful school year. Time management is crucial as a base for education. Education is something to obtain before entering to the real world, because knowledge is critical for success. As

Is College Too Emphasized?

With college application season approaching, many seniors are scrambling to answer application prompts, collect letters of recommendation, and excel in their classes in order to ensure that they are able to attend a prestigious college. Rarely, however, do we take a step back and take

When The Light Goes Out

I was 13 years old when I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. Now, at 17, I wish I could be able to say that I’m cured and “it got better”, but if I did, I wouldn’t be giving an honest account. Having both

Hello, My Name is NOT nobody

Luna Teoh: Staff Writer Don’t think about elephants. What are you thinking about? Why, elephants, of course. Ever took that psychology class or watched Inception?  The more you tell yourself not to think about something, the more you find yourself thinking about it. I used

Why I’m With Her And Not With Him

Why I’m With Her, Not Him Henry Gerharz, staff writer I support Hillary Clinton because I know how to read above a fifth grade level. I support Hillary Clinton because I have a basic understanding of how economics and statistics work. I support Hillary Clinton