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Deeper Meanings Behind Children’s Literature

By Gillian Garcia and Jack Peng, News Media Coordinator and Staff Writer High school: four years of heavy textbooks, mass-market novels, and anthologies brought to class once a month every other month. These were not the type of books that we grew up with. The

High School Expectations Vs. Reality

High School Expectations vs. Reality We have all seen High School Musical and all those movies and tv shows that revolve around high school students, but have you ever stop to question where the ideas came from. The ideas come from us, high schoolers who experience drama

Sugar Cookies!

by: Adrian Ghilardi, Staff Writer As the winter comes to a close, some begin to reminisce over the most recent iteration of the holiday season — another Christmas come and gone, another evening spent up ‘till midnight to ring in the new year. In the

Ways to Rewear Formal Attire

By Leanna Yu, Staff Writer Whether this was your last dance or first, you are probably wondering what to do with the fancy clothing that you wore on formal night. Unless you are a famous celebrity, you probably don’t have many occasions to wear your

Top 5 Holiday Movies and Music

  by Justin Dunbar, Photo Manager With Christmas coming up, it seemed like a great time to put together a Top 5 list  of holiday movies and songs. Here is my list:     Top 5 Holiday Movies: #5 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer #4 Home Alone #2:

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2017’s Trends – The best or a bust?

Over the years, new trends come in and out of style, regardless of how silly, useless, or ridiculous they are. Amongst thousands of memes and trends, let’s look at a few: Chokers Chokers have been a thing for a long while but recently in 2017 they have

Top 5 Books to Read This Winter Break

By Luna Teoh- Staff Writer Here are the top 5 books to read this holiday season. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven follows the lives of two teens: Violet and Finch. Finch is the tall “freak” of the school, and Violet is the classic

Fruity Fall Poems

Land of Gumdrops: Once, a sugarplum fairy with iridescent wings picked me up from my small small world and took me to a land far far away from here where troubles melt like gumdrops, the only cries are tears of joys, and the world is

Peppermint Treats

By: Emily Leung, staff writer It’s time for the holiday season!! But what about foods to snack on during this wintery time? Since it is near the holidays, there are tons of festive holiday treats. Peppermint treats, for example, set the perfect tone for your