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Fruity Fall Poems

Land of Gumdrops: Once, a sugarplum fairy with iridescent wings picked me up from my small small world and took me to a land far far away from here where troubles melt like gumdrops, the only cries are tears of joys, and the world is

Peppermint Treats

By: Emily Leung, staff writer It’s time for the holiday season!! But what about foods to snack on during this wintery time? Since it is near the holidays, there are tons of festive holiday treats. Peppermint treats, for example, set the perfect tone for your

3 TV Shows You NEED to watch

By: Brielle Lam, Staff Writer Riverdale If you love drama and mystery then Riverdale is the show for you! Riverdale is based on the Archie comics, but with a lot more drama. It features all the characters from the Archie comics, like Cheryl, Veronica, Betty,

Pumpkin Spice is Not That Nice

By Cara Ip, Features Editor and Sarah Huang, Opinions Editor *Note from editors: pumpkin spice is made from 18 parts ground cinnamon, 4 parts ground nutmeg, 4 parts ground ginger, 3 parts ground cloves, 3 parts ground allspice. While this article was meant to be

Fall Showcase–A New Kind of Drama

Get ready because this fall, something new is coming to Mills drama – the Mills Drama Department is mixing things up and going a different direction with the fall production. Instead of a typical full-length play, the production is being called a “showcase,” a collection

Vikings Aren’t the Only Kids in Teachers’ Lives

By Rachel Lam After spending a day teaching hundreds of kids at Mills, there’s nothing teachers would rather do than return home…to face their own children. It may seem tiring to have to see kids all day long, but there’s no doubt that returning home