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Mills High School’s Dragon Team is welcoming Lunar New Years by performing in the Chinese New Year Parade which takes place on February 24th. The Mills students who are participating in the parade have been practicing intensively since early January and at each practice, all

Electives Spotlight

By: Daniel Xuereb, Business Manager Its that time of year again where Mills students get to choose their classes for the next year. While most people are deciding to choose whether or not to take AP or CP  Physics, classes that often get overlooked are the

New Year From Three Cultural Perspectives

By: Hoatson Kwan Lunar New Year is a time for celebration for many East and Southeast Asian countries. Although it is highly recognized as “Chinese New Year” here in the United States, it should not overshadow the many other ethnicities who also indulge in this

Enjoy Sine Language? Join Math Team!

By: Jessica Lin, Staff Writer  Are you interested pursuing a more specialized or creative style of math? If so, you should join the Math Team, founded by Joe Shen and Shoh Mollenkamp just last year. Everyone is welcomed to join their club as there is

Time’s Up on Sexual Harassment

By Chacha Tahng and Daniel Xuereb For decades, women have been subject to sexual harassment, assault, and have been paid less than their male counterparts in just about every professional field… but time is up. Time’s up on women being afraid to speak up for

Advice From a Teacher: Is Taking the AP Test Worth It?

By: Hoatson Kwan, Staff Writer As the registration of the Advanced Placement (AP) test approaches, students —  mainly in junior or senior year of high school — might be conflicted in terms of whether or not to take the exam. Is the $99 worth the

Ten Ways to Spring Clean on a Budget

By: Brielle Lam, Staff Writer It’s that dreaded time of the year again: spring cleaning. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new cleaning supplies, here are few quick and easy tips that will definitely save you some time and money. Unstick Stickers: Tired of

Serra Station Project Comes Before Council

By Ezra Chan, Staff Writer On January 23, the Serra Station Proposal was brought before the Millbrae City Council for the council and the residents of Millbrae to speak with the developers. Vincent Muzzi, a Millbrae resident and landowner, and Paul Woolford, the design principal

Mills Student Saves Father’s Life

By Taylor Nguyen, Illustrator and Staff Writer On November 15, 2017, a senior at Mills High saved their father’s life by employing their cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training they had originally learned in Mr. Moss’ physical education class in Sophomore year. On that Wednesday morning at

APES Students Making Mills Greener

By: Brielle Lam, Staff Writer This year Ms. Michot started a project with her AP Environmental Science (APES) students. The students are assigned groups and have to come up with a project idea that helps the school and the Millbrae community. The project started at