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What Are You Thankful For?

Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, Americans across the nation join their families to celebrate Thanksgiving. While different families have a variety of traditions and ways to celebrate this holiday, it circulates around a common theme: giving thanks. Here around the Mills community,

Is Ikea Food Worth It?

By Anjuli Niyogi and Leanna Yu, Staff Writers Over the weekend, we visited Ikea, one of largest furniture retail companies in the world. Its headquarters are based in the Netherlands, but the company has opened hundreds of Scandinavian warehouse-like spaces around the world. Not only

Arbitrary Holidays

By Ahmed Alsabbah, Staff Writer We all live a life of routine. We get out of bed to the sound of our alarms; we brush our teeth and get dressed. We have breakfast and depart from our perch, where some of us go to work

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Student Polls: Homework Loads at Mills Too Much?

By Hailey Ung, Staff Writer With every school year here at Mills comes the inevitable sighs and groans at the thought of the homework that students must complete when they get home. Most students dread the idea of having to complete worksheets, write papers, and

Students at Mills High School Encourages Community Service

By Emily Leung Mills students are oftentimes busy managing homework loads and activities; however, many enjoy dedicating their time towards community service. Community service is the act of  volunteering time to help those who are in need, and it is a great way to not

What Makes You Wake Up?

Bombarded with schoolwork and activities, Mills Vikings are often exhausted and find it hard to wake up in the morning. The soft bed and comfortable pillows are extremely alluring, and it is tempting for students to sleep in. However, time never stops, and eventually, students

Studying Smart for Standardized Testing

By Gillian Garcia and Jessica Lin, Staff Writers Don’t know whether to take the SAT or the ACT? Don’t worry, The Thunderbolt’s got you covered! Testing is a major source of stress for many high schoolers as we approach a college-level education.  Different colleges may require

A Little Extra Academic Support

From AP Physics to CP English to International Relations, Mills High School is a melting pot of rich and rigorous academic courses. Interestingly, there is one class that is often overlooked. It is a class that provides students with support, guidance, and an extra sense

New Crew Members Join the Viking Ship!

By: Sarah Chang & Jessica Lin, Business Manager & Staff Writer   Lisa Cole, Counselor – Ms. Cole was a school counselor in Chicago before transferring to Mills because she heard that it was the best high school. A few weeks into the school year, she confirms

The Red Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts

By Anjuli Niyogi and Leanna Yu The Mills’ Red Cross Club raises money and awareness for the Red Cross organization to achieve its mission of alleviating human suffering. The club helps students become involved in disaster relief and preparedness, and  youth and blood services, and