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Trump on Haiti

by Aiden Neely Recently President Donald Trump made derogatory comments in a meeting with senators, in which he referred to Haiti and other African nations as “sh*itholes”. As the leader of the United States, he should refrain from making profane comments, as these sort of

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My Name is Sarah, Not Michael Chang’s Sister

I am Michael Chang’s little sister, but that’s not my name. We share the same genes but we are not the same people. My name is Sarah Chang, though many still associate me with my brother. As I realized I was living under his shadow,

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Chivalry: Courtesy or Patriarchy?

By Steven Yee, Web Manager From the countless stories of women around the globe, 2017’s Me Too movement and 2018’s Time’s Up movement have brought to light gender inequality and sexual assault. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s worth discussing whether chivalry persists in the 21st

But How Much Sleep did YOU Get?

By: Amanda O’Dea, Entertainment Editor “Yeah I got an A! And I started it at like eleven p.m. the night before!” “Woah! That’s awesome!” his friend responds, clapping him on the back. I probably witness this same exchange about once a week at Mills. Sometimes,

Here’s to that Self-Appreciation Post

By Desiree Lin and Jack Peng, Staff Writer You are beautiful, pretty, cute, handsome and strong; wow, I am sure you do not hear that everyday. As a community we need to learn to appreciate ourselves and learn to be happy with our lives. The first

Facing Fears: Fear Will Not Win

By Leanna Yu, Staff Writer Everyone has fears; whether it is bugs, flying, or dying, we all deal with this intense emotion. It is a familiar emotion that is a psychological, physiological, and behavioral state that we share with animals. We feel fear when we

Stressing Out of Our Minds

By Hailey Ung, Staff Writer To anyone who has gone or is going to high school, stress is most likely not a new feeling. Having nightly homework on top of studying for tests and balancing extracurriculars, most students undergo mental and possibly physical tension that

The Time Really is Up

By:  The Editorial Board Sexual assault has long plagued all spheres of American society. But within the last few months, the issue of sexual assault has quickly infiltrated the national consciousness of the United States from Hollywood to Washington D.C. With the recent emergence of

Black History Month in Coalition with #BlackLivesMatter

By: Hoatson Kwan, Staff Writer From Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights movement to today’s #BlackLivesMatter movement, the fight for equality among the African-American community is still an ongoing battle. Despite milestones such as the ratification of the Civil Rights Act (1964) and Voting Rights