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Statistics Reveal Importance of History Education

By Hailey Ung, Staff Writer In a recent poll released on Holocaust Remembrance Day, shocking amounts of people were revealed to have little to no knowledge about the event. Two-thirds of the millennials surveyed by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany were unable

Effects of the Legalization of Marijuana on Student Body

By Sarah Huang, Opinions Editor Prior to its legalization, marijuana faced a Catch-22: in order to decriminalize marijuana usage, more research had to prove that its benefits outweighed its costs on human health. However, because of its long history as a criminal drug, its research

Suicide Rates Increasing in College Scene

Due to the substantial loss of lives from suicide each year, it has become a prevalent issue in our present day society. Advocates who are trying to tackle suicide have written articles about the increasing mortality rates within children and young adults while some have

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Blackface, College Admissions, and Social Media

By Rebecca Kim, Center Spread Editor and Web Manager “Feels good to finally be a n***a.” The five-letter pejorative taunted from the retina display. Her smug face shielded by blackface, this was the work of Paige Shoemaker at Kansas State University– a Snapchat that led

What Administration Thinks About Senior Ditch-Day

By: Hoatson Kwan “Senior-Ditch Day,” an unofficial, unauthorized day when senior high school and college students skip school upon their own desire, typically on the Monday following prom. A tradition which has existed since the 1970’s and practiced on a national level, Mills High School

Learning vs. Grades

Schools today exist no longer as centers for growth and learning, at least not in the same expansive capacity they used to. They have evolved to become a pipeline, efficiently streamlined and cut down to run students through a twelve-year program of fulfilling prerequisites for

Chivalry: Defining Modern Masculinity

By Steven Yee, Web Manager 1999, Columbine High School. 2007, Virginia Tech. 2012, Sandy Hook. 2015, Umpqua Community College. 2017, Sutherland Springs. 2018, Parkland, Florida. These tragic incidents rank among the deadliest mass shootings in America, most of which desecrate school grounds, but all of which

Reverse the Spiral: Don’t Let Your Future Burn Out

By Gillian Garcia, News Media Coordinator The significant portion of tired, stressed, and disillusioned students within the American school system reflects an inherent flaw within high schools: in order to gain a competitive edge through enrollment in higher-level courses, students partake in a personal challenge