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Here’s to that Self-Appreciation Post

By Desiree Lin and Jack Peng, Staff Writer You are beautiful, pretty, cute, handsome and strong; wow, I am sure you do not hear that everyday. As a community we need to learn to appreciate ourselves and learn to be happy with our lives. The first

United: This Doesn’t Fly

By now, most of us have seen the viral video of a United passenger being forcefully removed off a flight from Chicago’s O’hare airport. The video went viral on social media and sparked conversation due to the police’s  overuse of violence and United’s subpar response

In Defense of Lollygagging: Using Your Summer Wisely

Here at Mills, we really love to stress ourselves out. Sure, that’s a generalization. But, it is also pretty darn true. During the school year, we juggle APs with sports with clubs and with jobs. When the summer comes, schoolwork is quickly replaced with internships,

Opinions: On the Travel Ban

As the adage goes, those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it, and interestingly enough, the president’s executive orders seem to be a restitution of immigration bans that took place a century ago. Almost exactly one hundred years ago, on February

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Instant Gratification and Teens

As I write this article, every now and then I will get the urge to check my phone, switch tabs to check my email, or scroll through Instagram for a little bit. Part of the reason why I feel like changing tasks may be due

Homework Levels at Mills Too Much?

Our administration here at Mills has been working diligently to lower student stress levels, especially by scaling down homework loads. The staff has been studying the amount of homework Mills students are assigned with the goal of reduction in mind. Our school has been working

EDITORIAL: Mills Unites Against Housing On Campus

By The Editorial Board Houses are expensive. Whether you live in Moscow, New York, or Beijing, a home is a major financial commitment. The Bay Area stands among these giants as an area with a significant cost of living. Due to this expensive Bay Area living,