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Mills Faces Off Against Capuchino at Battle of the Strip

by Aiden Neely Once a year, Mills High School and Capuchino High School face off against each other at the football field. This event is famously known as the “Battle of the Strip”, one of the most exciting games of the football season. So what

Crunch Time For Fall Senior Athletes

By Jessica Lin and Kieffer Manalang, Staff Writers Here at Mills, we are proud to have many amazing fall senior athletes, but sadly, many will be graduating in June. These student athletes are passionate and extremely talented, keeping up with their school work and dedicating

Track vs Cross Country: Whats the Difference?

by Justin Dunbar, Staff Writer Many have wondered if there is a difference between Cross Country and Track. These  two sports often get categorized together and many confuse the two. Cross Country and Track are certainly not the same and have many differences that should

Girls Tennis – Mills vs. Menlo-Atherton

On September 28, the Mills Girls Tennis team went up against Menlo-Atherton’s Girls Tennis team. Although Menlo-Atherton won overall, Mills did a fantastic job and was victorious in 2 out of the 7 matches for a final score of 2-5. Share:

Girls Varsity Volleyball: Mills vs. Westmoor

The Mills High School Varsity Girls Volleyball team competed intensely against Westmoor on Tuesday, October, 18, 2017. The Westmoor girls proved to be fierce opponents, sweeping the first set 10-25. Despite the rough start, the Mills Varsity girls managed to volley the lead back and

Comeback Kid Luca Dimaio’s Cross Country Story

By Luna Teoh- Staff Writer When Luca DiMaio was 6 years old, he developed a passion for running. Even though he was one of the slowest runners in elementary school, he never gave up on his dream, because “there’s something mesmerizing about running that you